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Hey everyone, theres no better place to crank up our music then in your car, so you can sing along as loud as you want and not worry about anyone busting you. So, to say thank you for all your support, we are giving away a free download of our song “Long Way Home” from our new EP – “Blood Runs Through.” Just click on the music link on this site and it is the first song in the player. We hope you enjoy and please remember to like our page on Facebook or sign up for our mailing list right here at

Our New EP Just Dropped!


We are pleased to finally announce the release of our new EP, “Blood Runs Through.” The EP features 5 original tracks co-written by John Kenney and Dave Hedeman, performed by The Vagabond Union and produced and Recorded by Tony Alany at Brown Dog Studios in Srpinfield, VA. This collection of hard driving rock songs marks the next step in the evolution of our band. We had an amazing time writing and recording all these songs and we can’t be happier with the outcome. We hope you love it as much as we do. “Blood Runs Through” is now available on most music sites like iTunes and Amazon and is also available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. Stay tuned for our up coming shows in a town near you. We can’t wait to get back out there and play for you again real soon. Thank you for all your support.

We love you and look forward to seeing you real soon. – The Vagabond Union

We’re getting ready to press record.

Hey Everyone,

Since November, the band has been spending it’s time writing new material for our next project. We are really excited because this will be our first record with our current line-up. So far we have a ton of new material that we are in the process of narrowing down for the record. We are in the early stages of pre-production, but plan to hit the studio in late August to start recording. We also have plans to start hitting the stage again in the very early fall and beyond. So Stay tuned. We can’t wait to see you all again. Have a great summer. _The Vagabond Union

Check out TVU on TV

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WHOOO!!! Vagabond Union’s Gonna Be On The TV!!!

On Tuesday October 16th, at the Royal American, The Music Initiative will be filming for a featured television recording event, Eclectic Evenings… And The Vagabond is going to be one of the featured bands. This event is a listening-room style video series that features a 2-song performance and interview from the bands. Doors open at 7, music begins at 7:30. The event is free and open to the public, and will be featured on Comcast. For more info on Eclectic Evenings visit the Music Initiative online.

We’re Gonna Be Huge In The UK.

Check out the rave review we just received in the UK based online magazine,

‘The Vagabond Union’

‘The Motel Sessions’

– Genre: ‘Alt/Country’ – Release Date: ‘2011’

Before they were two, but now they are one. Vocalist/guitarist Dave Hedeman and vocalist/guitarist John Kenney used to rattle the Carolinas in two different bands; the former once fronted Southern rockers PuddleDuck while Kenney jammed with the post-grunge outfit Rotoglow. Friends since college, Hedeman and Kenney have now united, combining their country and alternative inspirations for a new group, the Vagabond Union. Joined by drummer Dave Cannon, one of Kenney’s bandmates in Rotoglow, the Vagabond Union have just released their debut album, “The Motel Sessions,” a two-fisted wallop of rocking Americana.

Unlike other alt-country acts that either swing towards rootsy folk or punk-fueled cowboy rage, the Vagabond Union finds the accessible center of both extremes. In other words, the group is faithful to its country background but doesn’t succumb to the sell-out mentality of modern Nashville nor the overly raw aesthetic of old-school backwoods purists. “The Motel Sessions” is a record that is indeed commercial; however, it beats with human hearts, ones that have traveled America’s lonely nighttime roads. You can imagine the ocean of stars hovering outside a car’s mud-stained windows in the swirling, atmospheric riffs of “If You Wanna.” Life on the road is littered with hard knocks, and relationships are often the first to tumble as long distances become increasingly distant.

It’s refreshing how the Vagabond Union are able to switch-on, switch-off from FM rock radio accessibility to murky introspection without confusing anyone of their true identity. It helps that Hedeman and Kenney don’t really sound alike, and neither do their songs; at the same time, there is a consistency to their material, especially in their storytelling, that doesn’t make their stylistic shifts jarring. The first cut, “Blue Shoes,” is aglow with the enigmatic beauty of mid-80s R.E.M., like something out of “Fables of the Reconstruction” but not as dark or “Lifes Rich Pageant” albeit not as loud. That leads into “Drive,” a single-worthy rocker that, when it picks up the pace, is the most delectable of ear candy. Throughout “The Motel Sessions” the Vagabond Union find that sweet spot between major-label slickness and indie authenticity; expect these guys to win over both the jocks and the spectacled hipsters.



No Depression Likes Us.

Artist: The Vagabond Union
Album Title: The Motel Sessions

Eschewing hipster clichés, the Vagabond Union forge ahead with meat-and-potatoes country rock on their debut album, The Motel Sessions. Consider that high praise. At a time when solid, old-fashioned rock & roll is becoming harder to locate in the glut of bearded indie folkies, the Vagabond Union convey no shame in unveiling their bar-band tastes. However, unlike the garage revivalists that tried to awaken the heart of rock & roll a decade ago, the Vagabond Union are not punk or even post-punk. Rather, this is an independent act that has no problems swimming in mainstream waters.

 Featuring Dave Hedeman (vocals, guitar), John Kenney (vocals, guitar), and Dave Cannon (drums), the Vagabond Union is basically a trio with some notable guests on The Motel Sessions, especially two members of Carbon Leaf. Hedeman and Kenney exchange songwriting and lead-singer duties, giving the group a more versatile sound. The opening track, “Blue Shoes,” oddly recalled R.E.M. at first but not really for the music. It wasn’t until the track revved up its tempo that Kenney’s vocal resemblance to R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe became apparent. Its enigmatic lyrics, open to various interpretations, and moody textures reveal a group that is embedded in alternative rock, an observation that is later shot to pieces as the band proves itself to be more eclectic than that.

 By the second cut, the ultra catchy “Drive,” the group proudly displays its commercial side. The song’s theme of small town escape is definitely in the spirit of Bruce Springsteen’s New Jersey narratives, and the band does a much better job of echoing the Boss’ slice-of-America portraits than the Killers did on their second record. What seem to be the band’s influences – R.E.M., Springsteen, Tom Petty, Social Distortion – rise to the surface; nevertheless, the Vagabond Union has carved their own distinct identity. Even when the group covers P.F. Sloan’s protest anthem “Eve of Destruction” (popularized by Barry McGuire in 1965 and later the Red Rockers in 1984), they strip it down and make it sound like a Vagabond Union tune.

– No Depression

TVU to play at The Royal American

Yo Charleston, come on out to the brand new bar The Royal American, this Saturday night, Feb. 4th, as we test drive their brand new PA and our brand new band. It’s the first time TVU will be playing as a full band, loud amps, full on drums and loud ass rock & roll. It’s also happens to be The Royal American’s first show. We’ll be doing a short set, along with a set from our very close friend Andrew Hellier, from the legendary DC bands Modern Yesterday, and Rotoglow. And in case you didn’t know a;ready, our very own John Kenney, is not only in the band… he also is one of the bar’s owners. So who knows what will happen? Should be a really fun night… and it’s totally FREE. See you there.

Looking Forward To 2012

Happy New Year everyone. We are really excited about 2012 and can’t wait to see you at an upcoming Vagabond Union show. The past year has been truly rewarding for us. We’ve come a long way from that motel room in Dillon, SC where John and I got together for the first time to start writing songs for what is now “The Motel Sessions” record. We are so happy with the results. The band has been getting great feedback on the album from everyone who’s listened to it. Hopefully you guys will continue to spread the word about the album and the band. Remember you can still download it for free from this site, our Reverbnation page and our facebook page.

Looking to the future, we are excited to get out and play this coming year. So far we have a couple shows in the works. In February we will return to DC to do an encore Pink Jams show. We are very excited. Then in March we will be at the Deep South Bar in Raleigh, NC. We will also be down in Charleston in the next few months at John Kenney’s brand new bar The Royal American. More details to come on these shows and more.

This spring, we have plans to start recording our follow up album with Tony Alany. We’ve been writing a ton and can’t wait to get back into the studio. Stay tuned. All and all it looks like there will be a lot ot look forward to in 2012.

Finally we’d like to pay our respects to our dear friends Bob Yarbrough and William Poling, who both lost their battles with cancer this year. Bob was a long time friend of John and Dave (Cannon), as well as the number one fan of their former band Rotoglow. A few months ago after Bob’s passing Rotoglow reunited for the first time in 8 years, to pay tribute to their dear friend. It was great night full of Bob’s favorite songs with a lot of beers and a lot of tears… and amazing way to honor Bob’s memory.

William Poling, or as I like to call him, Billy, was a long time family friend as well as one of my brother’s best friends in the world. I’ve know Billy since I was in the 4th grade and we have remained good friends over the years. He was always like a big brother to me, so supportive and full of brotherly advice. But most of all he was a whole lot of fun to be around. Some of Billy’s oldest childhood friends and I had the opportunity to all spend time with Billy this fall at his Mom’s house in MD before he died. It was a great day of old stories, laughter and a few tears. As we were leaving, Billy told us not to take any day we have on this earth for granite, and not to worry about the small things that don’t matter. I think we all need to do a little bit more of that. Both Bob and Billy will be dearly missed.

We love you all and can’t wait to see you in the upcoming year. All the best. – The Vagabond Union

The Motel Sessions Releases Today – Download for Free

The Vagabond Union’s debut album drops today.

In production since January of this year, The Motel Sessions features nine original cuts, written and performed by band members Dave Hedeman, John Kenney, and Dave Cannon.  We dug deep, but stayed close to home, to pen songs that represent our lives and experiences.  Though the album is powerfully personal and emotional, it feels instantly relatable.  The Motel Sessions will take listeners on a far-reaching journey…from the uplifting Drive, to the heartfelt Blue Shoes, to the emotional Not Coming Back, a tribute to a father lost too soon.  And the one cover tune, Eve Of Destruction – an old anti-war song originally recorded by Barry McGuire – remains relevant to our world today.

 The Motel Sessions was produced, engineered, and mixed by our dear friend Tony Alany, at Brown Dog Studios in Springfield, VA.  It was mastered by the great Bill Wolf.  The album also features a host of musicians who generously lent their talents to help us achieve our vision.  They are: Terry Clark and Carter Gravatt from Carbon Leaf, Bryan “Boy Wonder” Dawley, and Tony Alany.

The entire album is available for free download at

We sincerely appreciate you listening to our new album, and hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!