The Vagabond Union is an Alternative Americana / Rock band based in the Carolinas consisting of Dave Hedeman, John Kenney, Dave Cannon and Dillon Partin. Hedeman and Kenney met in college, and have since shared a mutual respect while pursuing other musical endeavors. Hedeman was the frontman for the southern rock band PuddleDuck, and Kenney and Cannon were the lead guitar player and drummer for the rock band Rotoglow. Finally, the time has come for them to combine their talents and create a sound that rings true to their years of touring and traveling. Truth, guts, the American dream, and hard luck stories fuel their salt-of-the-earth songwriting style. Sharing songwriting and lead singing duties in The Vagabond Union, Hedeman and Kenney, along with drummer/percussionist Dave Cannon, feel that they are finally in a place where they are completely comfortable and free musically. There are no expectations, no big dreams, and no record companies. There is just one common goal: to make great American music.